About the project

The ultimate aim of this project is to develop and strengthen our students’ communication skills in English and business skills so as to have an increased mobility and be able to face the challenges of the labour market in Europe. The path of achieving this purpose is by approaching entrepreneurial topics. These topics will range from establishing mini-companies and creating joint ventures while going through all stages of start-ups, to achieving a tourist guide of our cities and creating a common international e-newspaper with materials produced by students.


1. Developing students’ communication skills in English by using innovative methods and strategies in learning English while approaching entrepreneurial topics;
2. Enhancing entrepreneurial skills of students by writing an internationally business plan;
3. Stimulating creativity, innovation and use of ITC for improving the quality of education and training of students.


The rationale behind this project is the development of English language skills through contemporary methods in a context of business and international cooperation. The project integrates entrepreneurship and language learning through a meaningful and relevant combination.
The project is led through a cooperation of schools from five countries, namely:
1. Atheneum Irishof Kapellen, Belgium – project coordinator
2. Prva Gimnazija Varaždin, Croatia
3. Tiller Videregående Skole, Trondheim, Norway
4. Özel Ihlas Anadolu Lisesi, Istanbul, Turkey
5. Colegiul Tehnic “Mihai Băcescu”, Fălticeni, Romania